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The Ohio Diaries | Landed

Traveling west from New York toward Ohio, the landscapes transition from highway-side homes and businesses, to rolling farmland, to complete and absolute foliage. One highway exit rolls into the next, but each arrives last frequently than the last. Like blood traveling from the heart, we eventually leave the interstate and take smaller town roads, followed then by single-lane, paved thoroughfares that remind me of the very ends of our arteries.

There's a serenity in being this far away. Not one of a physical detachment necessarily, but one that is born from being so distant to the things that weigh us down every day. It's easy to let it all slip away. Music spills out of the speakers and into the cabin of the car. The boys are deep into their own worlds with tablets and headphones (I pause to think of how different life is for them than it was for me) while the mile markers tick by.

Eventually, we arrive in Ohio and the first thing I think is: we're here already? Our first destination is my wife's mother's home - the place where she grew up, located a stone's throw from a picturesque body of water. I grab my camera and a seat on the porch as the rest of the late afternoon goes by and I contemplate this project, "The Ohio Diaries," and forget for a while what I even do for a living back home.

Footnotes: All images, unedited JPGs from Fujifilm X-T2 with various lenses.

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