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The Ohio Diaries | Escape Velocity

Every now and again it's good to pick up and leave; to drop the weights that we're dragging around day after day and just drive. I have to remind myself of this more and more these days. And so here I am... leaving. Dropping the payload and accelerating away from it all. Even if only for a little while. This is the state of mind I'm in as I embark upon a seven-day departure from real life to simply escape for a little while.

Some might call this journey a vacation, and it is one, of sorts. I'm traveling with my family (one wife, two boys... check) to visit extended family (mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends) in Ohio and at various other points along the way. There's a family agenda but I didn't design it. There are requisite gatherings and social events, none of which I am responsible for. I have only a vague idea of what we'll actually be doing for seven days. All I know is I can't get out of this daily grind fast enough.

In keeping with the theme of escapism, I also wanted to start this new project I'm calling the The Ohio Diaries. My intentions with this effort are simple: create a daily gallery of photographs from the road, each with a small narrative of the things on my mind. But, unlike the usual efforts I put into projects like this, the photos will be completely unedited... images captured in JPG and published SOOC (straight out of the camera, for the uninitiated). No cropping, no exposure fixes, just pure captures styled completely with manual controls. The writing will also be purposely unpolished, and presented as a stream-of-consciousness commentary paired to whatever images emerge from my daily travels. 

No planning, no management, and no worries of perfection or polish. Seven days of living in complete opposition relative to every other day of my life.

Footnotes: All images, unedited JPGs from Fujifilm X-T2 with various lenses.

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