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The Ohio Diaries | Change and Change

I woke up this morning and the sun was already blazing hot. I didn't even glance at my iPhone, I just grabbed it on my way out the door for my morning run. A little while later, I strode casually back into the lobby of the hotel to see the morning news reporting on Jeff Immelt's retirement from General Electric. Had I spent more time on my cell phone prior to running - scanning my email instead of just launching Spotify and heading out for some miles - I wouldn't have been so surprised. But change is inevitable (and it has been a helluva sixteen years, Jeff).

Change permeates everything. As my wife and I drove from little town to little town, seeing family and visiting former haunts, we debated whether it is our surroundings that change or our perceptions of them with age. Ultimately, we settled the subject by agreeing it's likely a combination of both. In the backseat, throughout, our boys took in the scenery outside the car windows - maybe listening to our conversation, maybe not.

Change is a common theme in this project. Maybe it's a feeling of getting older; maybe it's a swelling desire to break out of a creative rut; maybe it's just because acknowledging change is a way to become more comfortable with it. Change is everywhere. Change is watching the boys grow up; change is visiting an old town we grew up in; and change is a corporate overhaul. Change is even woven into this project in the way I'm shooting and sharing "purposely imperfect" pictures. Change and change and change and change.

Night is looming and I'm thinking back on the day's adventures; thinking about this project. It's still mighty hot outside. The weather, recently, so radically changed. These Ohio towns don't look or feel the way they once did, or so my wife tells me. But it's good to be here, nonetheless. As I rub my eyes to wipe the fatigue away, even if only for a few more minutes before I call it a day, I try to envision what changes tomorrow will bring. Despite my best efforts, all I can see is a reflection of today.

Footnotes: All images, unedited JPGs from Fujifilm X-T2 with various lenses.

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