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Beforty | Introduction


How did I end up here so quickly? That's the question I kept asking myself as I approached the start of the Beforty 365 project. It seemed like in one minute, I was a carefree teenager speeding down the road in a hand-me-down car, and in the next, I was an overworking, father-of-two trying to keep all the marbles from falling off the table. Out of nowhere, it seems, I was about to turn forty. 

The Beforty 365 project was inspired by the popular picture-a-day-for-a-year projects many photographers endeavor. However, rather than it being some new year's resolution or self-assigned creative exercise, I conceived the Beforty 365 project as a means to capture the day-to-day visual stories of my thirty-ninth year. With no specific theme or design intent, Beforty is a collection of thoughts and images captured in the last year of my thirties. The project, simply put, is a documentary of my life before forty.

Beforty 365

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