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Beforty | Another Year Gets Away


I'm two months into my thirty-ninth year and winter has arrived. Recollections of the hot and humid summer past have vanished, and the memory of starting this project on a chilly fall evening back in October is beginning to fade away. Outside, snow is falling, and in another few hours, 2018 will arrive.

It would be too easy to call 2017 a difficult year. Labeling it as such would be too simplistic. Like many things, the year was complicated, beginning with the fact that it never even felt like a new year. Instead, 2017 felt more like an overrun of a dismal 2016 - a year rife with geopolitical and societal anxieties, the likes of which I'm (perhaps?) too young to have ever experienced before. Now, as a true new year looms,  I'm not certain an inflection point has been reached, but I can't help but feel some semblance of a reset coming.

People say not to worry about the things you can't control. While that's good advice, I'd be lying if I said it's easy to follow. Maybe it's because I'm watching my boys grow up in this crazy situation; trying to explain why a bully runs the country; trying to reinforce that it's not okay to tell lies or to hurt other people with words. Mostly, I show them that sometimes you need to create your own reality. One that affords us more control and separates us from the chaos.

Positive change is inevitable in 2018. Whether it's the law of averages you believe in, or karma, or the balance between yin and yang... things are certain to trend toward a better equilibrium. In the meantime, another year has gone by, and what lays ahead are 365 new chances to make a difference. So... goodbye, 2017.

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