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Cherry Fivers is not my real name, but that much is probably obvious. My name is Joe and I am a technologist by profession and an amateur artist. I spend most of my days working in a fast-paced corporate engineering environment, inventing new things and solving tough problems. In the hours between, I pour myself into photography; a pursuit I feel seamlessly merges art with technology.

At my core, I like to create. Regardless of subject, I have a passion for making things that have never been made before. In photography, I exercise this passion by trying to create visual stories drawn from the details hidden in our everyday surroundings. I strive to capture these subtleties as they occur, and to inspire contemplation. It is my objective, with each of my pictures, to provide a context; to convey a sense of time, place, and emotion through each image. The narrative itself, I leave to you.


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