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Welcome to Cherry Fivers Photography, a place where I share my pictures and writing. I am an amateur artist living in upstate New York and working in the high-technology industry. My photographic journey started at the advent of digital, when these two fields - art and technology - first began to converge. Today, I shoot exclusively with Fujifilm X-series cameras because I feel they perfectly embody this convergence. Photography, to me, is a gift. It is a way to see the world differently and to freeze moments in time... to put a frame around the life unfolding before our eyes. In this way, photographs not only tell the story of the subjects in them, but often times, of the artist behind them.



Landscapes, seascapes, and skyscapes. These are the scenes that speak to places in time; not just physical locations, but ones in memory and emotion. They are the waypoints marking the path along this journey of life.


To me, there's a difference between street shooting and urban shooting. Both are an indirect study of people and place, but with the latter, I view the infrastructure as the centerpiece of each visual story. 


These are the stories of people told in two dimensions. A posture, a look, or a gesture captured in time. They are strangers, but these pictures remind me that they were once an integral part of my life, if only for a fleeting moment.


There's a peacefulness in the natural world that only a fraction of us will ever experience. In these images, I strive to capture that peace, not as a means to harness it, but to remind myself of it when I'm away from nature.

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