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Welcome, Winter

Today, it is Christmas. In a year otherwise punctuated by the negative, it's easy to find harmony within the boundaries of my own home. Here, now, within these four walls, it is a world at ease. Amidst the twinkling lights and the crinkling of gift wrap, it is a world full of kindness; one that is welcoming; and one that is at peace. There are no hateful words, nor bullying antagonism. Only the joyful shouts and gleeful laughs of my young children. Everything is as it should be.

Outside, snow dusted the yard. In it, I took a walk, trying to begin my annual process of retrospecting. Preparing, as it were, to reboot as the calendar flips over to 2017. Hoping, among the serenity of the snow-covered trees, that this meditation could have some positive influence over the new year. I thought of those we lost this year, and of those irrevocable moments that shall one day define a critical inflection in our history. But with the swaying landscape and the whispering trees, I was reminded that none of it has to define the life I choose to lead. None of it can take away what matters most. 

It isn't that winter just arrived; this wasn't even the first snowfall of the year. Still, this excursion felt like a new start. Like a welcoming to a world that is immune and that exists just outside my door. Within this house on Christmas day, and across this snow-covered yard, where everything is okay - where everything will always be okay, I say: Welcome, Winter.

Footnotes: All video, GoPro Hero5 Black and Hero4 Silver - Music, "It Maintains, Eyes Change" by Puddle of Infinity