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Welcome Spring

As it often is, the week that followed the return to daylight savings time was a bumpy affair for me. Coming out of winter's grasp, mornings had just started to begin with fresh light again but were suddenly thrust back into darkness after the clocks were sprung ahead. For days, my body was thoroughly confused as to what time it was and, on top of that, I ended up succumbing to a terrible head cold to cap the week off. Seven days after the clocks changed, the 2016 spring equinox arrived. To mark the occasion, I popped a couple tabs of high octane cold medicine, and thought to myself: this is no way to welcome spring.

Don't get me wrong... Other than those first couple of days that follow the return to DST, I love the concept. I love going out running in the early evenings of the summer, watching the sun drop below the horizon late in the day as I make my way home along the country roads. Contrasted to evenings in the winter months where I drive home from work in the pitch black, there's no question it's worthwhile to set the clocks ahead in the spring. But oh, how I loathe that first week. In the autumn, on the other hand, I love the feeling of gaining that extra hour on the weekend when we "fall back" just before winter. It almost makes the whole ordeal in the spring worth it!

Fast forward a little bit from DST to this past weekend, which was (a very early) Easter. I'd gotten over my cold and finally began feeling caught up on my sleep. Easter Sunday started out cloudy, cool, and windy, making for a less than inspiring morning for outdoor Easter egg hunts or long runs for those of us training for spring marathons. But by mid-afternoon, the sun had come out in full effect and the atmosphere had warmed to true spring-like temperatures. During an afternoon walk along the Erie Canal, I caught the glint of little green buds on the trees - virtually imperceptible in size, but enough of them to induce a finely colored haze across the landscape. Later on, set against the backdrop of an old, red barn, I took this photo, capturing that faint green tone. As I released the shutter and checked my work on the back of the camera, I forgot all about the trials of resetting the clocks and shifting our days, and celebrated the fact that spring was truly here.