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These Winter Blues

I have lived in the northeast United States my entire life, so you'd think I'd be used to the idea of winter by now. Winter... The season that connects the beautiful autumn to the invigorating spring. That span of three months, with the snow and the Christmas trees and the Valentine's Day cards. So many people love it. But me? No, I still haven't gotten used to it. Because, through every day of winter since I was a kid, I've only pined for the other three seasons.

I am a creature of the summer. Those early mornings at sunup, running outdoors to the sound of the waking birds; those hot afternoons when your car is like an oven (and rolling down the windows while driving only stirs the hot air around); and those endless daylight hours that stretch far, far into the evenings. Maybe I'll complain once or twice about the heat and humidity come late-July, but those instances are few and far between.

Right now, it is February. And this past week brought half a foot of snow, followed by a quick melt, and then a re-freeze. Ice is everywhere. I was going to fly my drone today to work on a photography project, but freezing drizzle prevented that. I woke up sick yesterday, too. Runny nose, sore throat... you know the feeling. Everything is just... meh. I've been through nearly forty winters at this point in my life, and I still get these winter blues.