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The Seventh Month

The summer winds have blown in and we've passed the sixth month on the calendar. July is here in all its splendor, with long, hot, sunny days and quiet early mornings. A few weeks ago I returned from a ten-day trip to Ohio where I journeyed from the capital region of New York state to Cleveland and back. Along the way, I took in the scenes of early summer and spent most days contemplating personal meanings of time and place. Now, the days have returned to their metronomic patterns of work, sleep and play.

This weekend is the lead-in to July 4th and the usual American celebrations are unfolding. Backyard barbecues, traveling fairs, parades, and fireworks. The temperatures have remained high and the humidity has been unusually oppressive for this time of year. Still, I go out and run every morning. On the television, the Tour de France is unfolding, which remains as riveting to me today as it did when I used to race on the bike myself. At home, the boys are enjoying their summer vacation... They don't yet appreciate how fast it will go by, so I try my best as a parent to teach them the importance of siezing every day.