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The Passersby Of Cambridge

The alternative title for this shot was "You go your way, and I'll go mine" but it didn't completely reflect the mood of the situation I felt at the time of taking the picture. I was sitting on a bench with my wife when I took this shot in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Four hours prior, I had crossed the finish line of the Boston Marathon. It was an unusually warm day for April, a noteworthy detail speaking both to the lovely weather for sitting on a bench and the difficulty of the day's marathon. On the trail before us, the one that follows the snaking Charles, we watched the passersby of Cambridge.

More than a decade and a half ago, my wife - then a college girlfriend - joined me in Cambridge to visit a friend for his birthday. We stayed the night in his apartment, not too far from here, and in the morning we took a jog along this path before heading back to New York. I've been back to Boston many times since, but never back to this particular spot until today. I probably shot twenty photos from this vantage point, trying specifically to capture two individuals walking along the path in opposite directions. When these two appeared in frame, I took numerous shots in sequence, and then later, decided I liked this one the best.