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There was something different in the air today. It was subtle, and one could argue it might have merely been a figment of my imagination, but I felt a sense of renewal swirling about the atmosphere. A feeling that suggested something new may be coming. Something better. It's been a long, hard time recently - there have been days where I've sworn things couldn't get worse, only to be proven wrong in the days that followed. The evening news alone is enough to test the best of us. Compounding this tough stretch of road has been the gloom of winter. Oh yes, the winter, with all of its lifeless dark of shortened days and frigid temperatures. But change - that's what it is, that's what's different - change is in the air.

The subjects of snow and weather and seasons are recurring themes for me most years around this time. A symptom, perhaps, of someone who's spent a lifetime rotating through the four seasons but really only prefers three of them. I get a little stir crazy in the winter months. What starts as a fondness for that first, light dusting across the richly colored earth every November, inevitably turns to an anxious dread of each additional inch of snowfall come March. But as it does every year, April comes and brings with it the cleansing showers and the budding branch tips. Birds sing their songs in the mornings, and those mornings start earlier and brighter. It's here now, just getting underway... spring. Spring was in the air today. And even when the world isn't working correctly and the pieces that make up our lives don't seem to quite fit, I can breathe in that spring air and know that everything is going to be okay.