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See You Again in May, Summer

It snowed for the first time of the season yesterday, and it was beautiful... for a little while. Everything was white, and the tree branches glistened as though diamonds were budding from their tips. Clouds covered most of the early morning sky, but by mid-morning, they parted, and the cool blues of the landscape transitioned quickly to a brilliant winter gold. I could have taken a picture and posted it as part of this piece, but here's the thing: I'm not really a fan of winter. 

So, instead, I posted this photo I captured during the late summer months as an homage to the season I'll yearn for during the next four months. The greens, the yellows... the feel of the earth under my bare feet as I pad around the yard. The smell of cut grass and neighborhood barbecues. All to be replaced by winter and its fifty shades of white starting now. Noreasters, polar vortices, arctic blasts... Snow advisories, windchill warnings, and snow days. I'm not sure what I should've expected, I've lived in the northeast my entire life. It's December now, so I guess I'll see you again in May, summer.