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Lately, these days have been a little more taxing than usual. Maybe it's just a phase or a temporary set of circumstances. Maybe it's just that winter doesn't make things easier. It's been dark in the mornings, the frosty roads all icy and black. In the evenings, after work finally decelerates to its terminus, it is equally dark and the traffic home is slow and frustrating. I spend most of the time rolling along at 5mph while texting my friends and coworkers on the very last bits of unfinished business from the day. Jazz plays over my Spotify, and outside, it's cold.

When I get home, the clock that was ticking along at such a frantic pace all day begins to slow. The boys are wild and the house is practically upside down. But everywhere I look, I see the reminders of what matters most. This journey, these days... this collection of memories from a life that can only be lived once.