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Light My Way

Walking through the quiet streets and along the brick-faced walkways of downtown Greenville, the clouds finally opened. The humidity had not relented all day, and now the rain was adding to the ubiquitous dampness. As I walked, my shirt clung to my chest like a wet towel. I had mistakenly thought the late hour would make for a cooler, dryer atmosphere. Eventually, the sun disappeared, and the droplets softened to a mist. In the darkness, only the glow of the streetlamps helped light my way.

The few people whose path I crossed strolled lazily through their respective evenings, completely unconcerned with the weather. Some traveled solo, moving from Point A to Point B, others in pairs, hand-in-hand. Like any observer of people, I wondered where each passerby was coming from... and where they were going. I myself had no destination in mind. To me, it was just another walk in a city away from home.