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Let The Light In

I had this whimsical hope on the night of the 31st when I closed my eyes that I would awake to a world that was a little bit more in order; a little bit more at peace. But as the calendar flipped over into the earliest moments of 2017, I remembered (as I do every year) that it was the start of just another day. As I reflected on the year while writing about The End of 2016, I couldn't help but suspend all logic and forget, even if only for the duration of assembling that post, that life and time remain an uninterruptible continuum.

It's been a few weeks now, and while the fantasy of having an instantaneously "fixed" 2016 by way of changing the office calendar has faded, I continue to find some solace in the fact that I am not alone in my thoughts. Almost daily I hear others' opinions on the state of affairs in the world right now; I see other creatives' work and note the similitude of their feelings; and through it all, I've found that my mantra has become one of gathering light. Not just in the photographic sense, but of the type that seeks out the positive and focuses on the upside of everything. We have to do this, I tell myself. We have to come together and get right. We have to let the light in.