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Let Summer Begin and Never End

Memorial Day weekend has arrived, and with it, the luscious greens and yellows of nature have blossomed across the landscapes. Every year at this time I am reminded of just how saturated the colors of our surroundings can be. It's as though we grow so accustomed to the flattened hues of winter that our brains forget what summer looks like.

Along with the vibrant backdrop of early summer, the mornings are bright and warm again. The sun peaks up over the horizon each day before our alarms buzz, and outside, the birds sing and chatter and chirp. At the opposite end of each day, the aroma of barbecue persistently hangs in the air, and the songs of birds are replaced with the din of lawnmowers and power tools from far-off neighbors.

If Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of "True Summer" then Labor Day weekend is assuredly the unofficial end. And while Labor Day seems impossibly far away from this moment in time - this moment of bursting color amidst the reawakened world around us - we know deep down it will come all too soon. The only hope for staving off the inevitable, then, is to make every day of summer count for something special.