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In The Waiting Line

Have you ever noticed while traveling by air how much time is spent waiting? You arrive at the airport, early, because that's what they tell you to do, and the first thing you do is wait in the security line. That assumes you've checked-in already and you don't need to visit the ticketing counter (and wait in that line). If you're lucky, you get through the security line fairly quickly, but then you have time to kill. I usually roam the terminal with my camera and take pictures like these. If you don't enjoy scouting the airport for candid photos, you're left to either sit at the gate until your flight is ready or go shopping, provided your particular airport has such amenities. Either way, you have to wait. When you're flight is finally ready for boarding, you have to once again get in the waiting line as the gate attendant calls you up in what feels like an ever-increasing number of loading zones. Pre-Boarding; Premium Boarding; Sky Priority Boarding; Zone 1 Boarding; Zone 2 Boarding; and on, and on. You wait in the jetway, and you wait in the aisle of the plane - there's always the one guy who was positive his carry-on would fit in the overhead bin, but clearly, it's two sizes too big. And yet he tries to make it work, holding up the rest of the passengers. Finally, you sit. You buckle your seat belt, you raise your tray table, and you bring your seat backs to their fully upright and locked positions. You listen to the safety instructions. If you're lucky, you'll takeoff on time, but that's rarely the case these days. So you wait some more, with no place to go and nothing to do except to look out the window and watch the rain begin to fall.