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From The Outside Looking In

I'm a stranger in a foreign place, taking pictures and making up stories in my mind for all the world that passes by. The scenes I capture are purposely incomplete. Instead, just images that belong in the unwritten chapters of some evolving novel. One that has been nearly forty years in the making. These particular photographs were captured on an evening stroll through the humid midnight air of South Carolina. These are the moments of a day coming to an end, and of a new one set to begin. A small party winding down; a store closed for business; a patio filled with empty tables... Just an average evening in Greenville, while I walked about, glancing from the outside looking in.

What happens outside our four walls when we would otherwise be asleep? By nature, I'm not much of a night person, but I find exploring my surroundings late in the evening akin to finding the edge pieces of a puzzle. Committing moments in time to permanent images; pictures that help frame the memories I keep of places and people. Every now and again I come across others whose attention I inadvertently catch. They see me with my camera, and I see them, frozen in time. In those split seconds, I wonder about their stories - what would they tell me if I asked? We all weave own narrative. But I never ask... I just keep on walking.

Footnotes: All images, Fujifilm X70 with fixed Fujinon 18.5mm f/2.8