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All Roads Lead to Where We Are

For over a year I have been working on a collection of photographs that center around a common theme: airports. My draw to the subject was most certainly first linked to the amount of time I spend traveling, but as I began collecting images, I realized there was a much more alluring story to tell. On the surface, airports are these large, industrial transportation hubs that - if we're lucky - we spend as little time as possible occupying. People, planes, cargo, all come and go. But therein lies the story itself. The intersection of lives which happen only for the briefest of periods; all of us, individually, passing through any given airport on any given day. As I began shooting candid shots of those airports I most frequently traveled through, the theme shifted from one focused on infrastructure to the more philosophical; a realization that never again in time will the same people simultaneously occupy the same physical space than as the moment I capture the image.

The same could be said for virtually every other space where people congregate. Cities, shopping malls, tourist attractions. Although, in truth, the scientist in me has contemplated the stochastic probability problem behind that statement, and how one might approach evaluating its truth. Regardless, airports have a special poetry to them because, unlike other locales, the sole intent of the people is to arrive and depart. They, airports, serve no other purpose than to be the nexus of our collective transience. Every time I pass through one, studying the spaces and the people in them with my camera, I think of the paths we've all followed, leading us to intersect with one another... within these airports.