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A Year In Review

It's hard for me to believe the end of the year has arrived, but sure enough, tomorrow will be the start of a new one. Reflecting on 2015, I couldn't be happier with all that transpired. Not only was I fortunate enough to travel more often with my camera, but through these travels, I was able to experiment further with different styles of photography I otherwise wouldn't have tried. Along these lines, I feel this year was a personally important one in terms of artistic growth. As I look at this year in review and compare images I took this year to those of previous years, I can see a substantial shift in both the technical and the visual elements of each shot. Part of this I attribute to the sheer number of photographs I took in 2015 - more than twelve thousand! That's nearly double the frames I captured in any of the previous five years. Am I still learning? Absolutely.

Another noteworthy highlight from this past year has been the inspiration I've drawn from other artists. While there are far too many to name here, there are a few contemporary photographers who have played an important role in the development of my own work. Firstly, there's the amazing Emily Maye, whom I first discovered years ago with her early work capturing the grit and the glory of professional cycling. She has an undeniable gift for telling personal stories through her images, and seamlessly mixes action photography with an almost reportage-style of shooting. I've also grown to admire Thomas Fitzgerald, who has an outstanding talent for shooting and processing photos from Fujifilm's X-Trans sensors. I find he applies this skill particularly well to his street photography. The colors and tonalities captured by Fuji's breed of mirrorless cameras are beautifully unique, and Thomas has influenced my own processing workflow to extract as much "mood" as possible from pictures I've taken. Finally, there's one artist I study more than any other, and that is Ming Thein, whose photographs span a vast number of subjects and are nothing short of incredible. Of course, these are all very subjective opinions, but if you like my images, I would encourage you to visit these artists as well.

Finally, this was a significant year in that I officially created Cherry Fivers Photography and began the journey of showing and selling my work. As an amateur, this was a giant leap, bringing me to my closing thoughts for the year. I want to thank you, readers, viewers, and friends, for taking the time to visit my website and to occasionally flip through my photo galleries. While I would otherwise happily keep shooting simply to improve my talents over the years as an artist, the craft means so much more knowing any one of my photographs might make a positive impact on someone else. So, as we embark on 2016, I hope you'll continue to visit frequently, like my photography page on Facebook, and share my work with your friends. I have a lot of exciting new projects planned for 2016, and I can't wait to share them with you.

Thanks for reading, and Happy New Year!