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A Window In Boston

I was walking through a hotel in Boston a few months ago when I came across this scene. The interior of this particular hotel was wide open, with all the rooms on the periphery of the building, facing out. But from one side of each floor along the interior, one could look across the atrium to each of the other three sides of the building. At first, I was captivated by the geometric pattern of all of the hotel room doors on the other side of the building. So I tried several shots of that, playing with the composition for a while, but never ended up with a picture that I loved. Then, just as I was about to wander back to my room, I saw the subject of this photograph enter into view.

The woman in this picture had only the window cleaner in her hand, no other supplies, and she was methodically cleaning the windows one floor down from where I stood. The light was an interesting mix of yellow daylight, exaggerated by the yellow walls, and a strange mix of reds and pinks from neon signs that hung far below in the lobby. I watched her for a little while, waiting for just the right step in her action. When she reached for the far end of the window she was cleaning, I pressed the shutter, and ended up with this photograph.