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A Reminder Of Spring

Every now and again I search through my old photos and catch a surprise. You see, I use Adobe Lightroom to catalog my digital photographs, and the database has gotten awfully large over the years. Within Lightroom, I have a folder structure that separates my "keepers" - which are those pictures that I process before posting to galleries for sharing - from my "throwaways." This organization scheme helps keep things relatively streamlined as the catalog continues to grow. Occasionally, I'll flip back through the archives of the throwaway photos and catch something I like, such as this image that seems like a perfectly-timed reminder of spring.

Looking back at this picture after rediscovering it in the archives, I'm not entirely sure why it ended up in the throwaway pile. If I had to guess, I'd say it was because of the background. The trees were stuck in that no man's land of being just slightly out of focus, but not enough so as to isolate the foreground. In short, it looked like a technical mistake. Nevertheless, when I happened upon this picture today, I liked it enough to spend a little time with it and re-process it. So I took it out of Lightroom and into On1 Photo 10 where I added a little bit of a glow to further blur out the trees and give the image a softer look. Then I added a slight touch of sunshine before brushing in some additional contrast and clarity to make the cattails pop. The image itself was taken in the Vischer Ferry Nature Preserve last spring, right around this time of year. With the weather warming up and the geese beginning to arrive back home, this photograph seemed like a perfect reminder of what's to come.