April 30, 2020

April in Isolation

What a strange and unpredictable time we're living through. It's the end of April and it's been roughly six weeks since New York state was put on lockdown due to COVID-19. I remember leaving my office late in the day on March 13 (Friday the 13th, no less) and taking the extra time to pack essentials ahead of the weekend in full anticipation of being asked to work from home the following week. We thought, at most, it would be a week or two.

What followed was a non-stop barrage of state and federal press events, news headlines, social commentary, and strings upon strings of emails from work and school trying to set some order to the chaos. New York city was quickly becoming the coronavirus hotspot experts  feared it would. On Sunday afternoon, we were informed officially the kids would be out of school and I would be working from home indefinitely. We went to the grocery store as a family one final time to stock-up.

One week turned to two, then to four, and now here we are at six. May begins tomorrow. I continue to work from home while the kids experience teleconferencing earlier than they should have to. As a family, we've largely confined ourselves to the house, save for our afternoon excursions for long walks and fresh air. Throughout, I've been documenting these days with my camera.

It's anyone's guess how long things will be this way. At once, the past six weeks have felt both lightning quick and unbearably long. The season itself hasn't even been predictable. Days spent walking around in shorts and tees were followed by snow storms twelve hours later. We keep talking about things going back to "normal" but in times like this, one has to wonder "what exactly does normal even mean anymore?"

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